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What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated? (x)

To my biggest supporter and inspiration - the person who has never lost faith in me, who has made so many sacrifices for me, has done everything in their power to be there for me through my darkest moments and has helped me become the woman I am today. I love you. You know who you are… You changed my life. Thank you!

April Kepner Appreciation Week  → DAY FOUR: favourite quote

" Do you believe that god plans for two people to be together? It doesn’t make any sense. Why would he bring these two people together, make them fall in love, open up to one another, make them feel like they were meant to be together, and then just… pull them apart?"

I just want to wish you a wonderful birthday, and tell you that you are so so so important to me. Thanks for being this amanzing human being, i’m so proud to have a person like you as my idol. Don’t ever forget how beautiul you are, and don’t listen to hate cause you have so much more people that love you and will always be with you. You’re not just an idol you’re also a hero. I love you more than words can describe. Happy Birthday my angel ♡


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Patrick Dempsey Appreciation Week | Day 3: Quote(s) 

↳ “Now I’m just known as McDreamy, I’ve lost all identity as Patrick Dempsey, I’m now McDreamy.”